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Listening to people is the key
By Līva Melbārzde

Deschka, ERGO.JPG

Ursula Clara Deschka became the Managing Director of ERGO Insurance Company in three Baltic countries just over 3 months ago. You could feel her communicative energy like fresh spring wind when Baltic Business Quarterly invited her to an interview to learn more about her experience, goals and leadership methods.


How would you characterise yourself as a leader - what is particularly important to you?

"I am a very value-driven person. My values include working well together in a team, having an open communication, and trust. I prefer to listen than to talk because it is so Photo: Ritvars Skuja interesting what people tell you if you give them your attention. But I also like performance. I always want to advance and make things better. This all drives me a lot and I am convinced that my job is to strengthen my employees so that they become better. I bring people together and find out what they can do best so they can do the perfect job and be proud of themselves."


If you had to characterise yourself, what are your greatest strengths?

I love arguments and discussions, but at the same time I am good listener and this is important when you want to create an independent team in which everyone is equal.

Photo: ProudlyLess Sandija Veiksa

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