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Aim to become the world's best-known logistics manager
By Līva Melbārzde

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Photo: Publicity materials of IKTK

We spoke to one of the three founders of the company, Jevgenij Polonis, about the further goals and perspectives.


Please tell us briefly about your company. What is GoRamp?

We work with manufacturing companies and help their logistics departments to digitalize all information related to transportation and shipment, starting from pricing, to signing the shipment to the carrier, to planning when the drop will come, and through to the invoicing information. Basically, we offer digitized transportation information for external communication.

What was the most important reason for you to found GoRamp?

We are three founders. One of the other founders and I worked together in one of the biggest transportation

companies in Lithuania.We saw how much time was spent on resending tracking details, prices, and so on. Our third founder was working as the supervisor of a supply chain in a manufacturing company and was facing the same issues. The information bridge between transportation companies and the warehouse was so huge and everything was stored in the email box. Everything started with searching for solutions on how we can solve our problems. Of course, large companies have enough money to invest in their own solutions but there are also plenty of small and medium-sized companies. That’s way we decided to develop a software which could be broadly used after paying a monthly subscription fee.


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