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Clevon unmanned robotic couriers provide deliveries in Tallinn Old Town

Clevon 1.jpg

Estonian tech company Clevon introduces the world to the next-generation delivery vehicle, the CLEVON 1. The new robot courier becomes the first in Europe to offer autonomous delivery services in cooperation with DHL. The City of Tallinn and Clevon signed a cooperation agreement that will allow the company, which develops unmanned robotic couriers, to provide parcel delivery services in the pedestrian area of Tallinn’s Old Town. 

The CLEVON 1 robot courier built by Clevon has small dimensions (width 1.15m, height 1.55m and length 2.5m) and is light (470 kg). To ensure the safety of other road users, including pedestrians, the machine is equipped with six cameras that provide a 360-degree view of the vehicle. 

Photo: Publicity photo of Clevon

CLEVON 1 will help to make the delivery of goods more environmentally friendly, customer friendly, faster and cheaper. The robotic courier provides a noise-free parcel delivery service, while ensuring pedestrian safety and passability. LM

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