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Rail Baltica - Procurements run into billions

By Egons Mudulis

Ulemiste Station Tallinn.jpg

The Rail Baltica project is picking up speed – procurements are set to exceed €2 billion in 2022.


As companies interested in procurements might wonder what to expect and how sustainable it is to participate in the project due to these uncertain times, the coordinator of the North Sea-Baltic TEN-T corridor Catherine Trautmann reaffirmed during the Rail Baltica Procurement Webinar (on 13 April) that “Rail Baltica is a priority for the European Commission and the Baltic states to strengthen the Baltic region’s integration into the European Union”, and stressed that “the Russian invasion of Ukraine only reaffirms the need to connect the Baltic states to the rest of Europe even more. The Russian attack has increased the geopolitical relevance of Rail Baltica.”

Photo: Zaha Hadid Architects

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