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"Your boss should ask what works for you"

By Mari Peegel

Tiina 2.jpg

source: Õhtuleht/ Scanpix

Psychologist and researcher of work happiness Tiina Saar-Veelmaa says that the most important factor in the modern labour market is the employee as an individual.


Work happiness – what is it and why do we need it? Isn't a good salary enough?


Turns out that's not enough. To clarify this statement, we should go back to the history of work. When the caveman killed the mammoth, he received his reward together with dopamine and serotonin, and the feeling that he was a tough man. With the loss of human equality, however, slavery emerged and the relationship between work and happiness shifted.

Over the past hundred years, scientists have studied the topic of work happiness and made exciting discoveries. Among other things, they have found that the times have changed greatly and so too have people. The latest concept is a career without borders: we want the individual, i.e. me, to be important.

On the subject of pay, indeed, some researchers have found that work is to earn a living, but also that people’s livelihoods must be enough to provide for everything else they need, such as recognition, meaning, development, and freedom.

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